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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

London Visual Fringe 2008

The Fringe Festival (the local indie theatre series that happens mid summer each year) has a visual component called The Visual Fringe. I thought it would be a cool idea to try and enter it this year. Having some local gallery space to display work for a relatively inexpensive cost - as opposed to having a show of my own etc., is always a good deal. And also have the ability to sell the images? Well, that can't be beat.. :)

I filled out the application and submitted it on the first day you could do so last month. I brought it down to the Fringe offices on Richmond St. here in London and they looked at the two reference pictures I had attached and told me I was in the show right there and then. They had already filled up about 1/3 to 1/2 of the spots that day and I imagine I wouldn't have got in if I waited a couple of days to apply. The applications closed officially Monday this week.

So, from July 31st to August 10th, 2008, I will be in The Arts Project gallery at 203 Dundas Street. London Ontario, (between Richmond & Clarence). I have about 6-8 feet of wall space, which sounds like a lot, but isn't really. So I have the pleasant chore of having to choose what four or so images I want to display. It can be anything I want. Which on some levels makes it all the more challenging and fun to zero in on just handful of images.

More to follow on this after the first artists orientation meeting.


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