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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Leaving Winter Behind

Leaving winter behind, 2007

It has been so nice outside for the past few days. Evenings are still cold, but during the day it has been getting to the mid teens Celsius. Sunny, not windy, tee shirt and sometimes a windbreaker weather. Roads are dusty and sandy, and need a good sweep, but there is no snow here except in areas that are permanently in shadow - such as on the North sides of buildings.

Spring is finally here.

I spent the weekend doing spring cleaning windows and helping Jaclyn, above, move. You really couldnt ask for a better weekend for either activity. And topped it off with some nice dinners as payment for the moving of her stuff. Awesome seafood pad thai at Ben Than, and then a great chicken Marsala at Bertoldi's. Very tasty.

I won't move just anyone, and it was a long couple of days, but if you need a hand, a nice dinner is a good starting point for negotiating my help. :)


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