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Monday, November 22, 2010

At the moment the blitz attack happened

Done just for fun, and shot after the sequence in the chair in July. Light was getting low so I had Lizzz jump and spin around as close to the same mark as possible and shot a few dozen frames handheld at longer exposures. This image is a combination of about 11 images. Layered in PS and then flattened. Colour, brightness, contrast tweaked in post in Lightroom.

Details: Canon XSi, 24-105L, 1/25-1/50 sec handheld exposures, 24mm,  f4-f4.5, and a mix of ISO 800 and 1600. Only time flash was used was for the main image.



Carmi said...

I love the motion in this shot. It would be right at home on a Cirque du Soleil promo poster!

Just when I think I understand advanced production techniques, I read your blog and realize I'm barely scratching the surface. Thanks for the continued inspiration, Mike.

Mike Wood said...

Thanks Carmi. :)