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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Propane Shockwave

Not my video. It's from user MysteriousDancingMan, but its not often you see a shockwave (at :12 seconds) from an explosion aside from a military bomb drop. This was from the massive propane explosions and six alarm fire in Toronto this morning near the old Downsview airbase. Actual location was Sunrise Propane Industrial Gases on Murray Road near Keele and Wilson.

From the flash to the bang it is about 4 seconds. Which makes the distance from camera to the explosion around 1.3 to 1.4km. I figured it out the same way I have always calculated out lightning distances. More on how here.

The 401 was closed from the 404/Don Valley Parkway to Highway 400, an area about 1.6km wide was evacuated, and residents sent eventually up to York University where the Salvation Army and Red Cross had set up in the Tait Mackenzie sports facilities. TTC subway stops in the area were closed down, and bus routes were diverted. A no-fly zone was even ordered over the area. Crazy stuff.

And apparently only minor injuries despite the facility being on a half residential street.

*** Edit at 4pm same day: one firefighter from the Toronto Fire Service died as a result of fighting this fire. Was rushed to hospital VSA.


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