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Friday, August 8, 2008

For a Free Tibet.. Not for a smoggy Olympics

Vive le Tibet Libre, 2008

Opening ceremonies of the Olympics are later today. That is if you can see them through the smog and oppression.

This image was shot back in May when the protests were occurring during the Olympic torch relay. Concept came from the model, Angel X, and was shot in an alley here in downtown London, Ontario

Crappy that the Olympics have to be in such a terrible place. Tarnishes the whole spirit of the games.

Hope the athletes stay healthy. Weather in Beijing today was reported to be 3x worse than the worst smog filled day in Toronto. Currently at 12 noon in Beijing, it is 33 °C, Haze, and feels like: 44°C, and a visibility of 5.0 km. - via the WeatherNetwork.


Mike Wood Photography


Carmi said...

Amen, my friend. I keep hoping humanity will learn to treat others a little better. Then I watch sanctioned charades like this and I realize we're nowhere near that point.

Basically, we've just given a totalitarian regime carte blanche to continue whipping its people. Yay us.

Mojo said...

Love the image. Hate the inspiration for it, but it's truly worth a thousand words.