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Monday, August 25, 2008

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

I read over on APE a great interview that Rob Haggart did with Erik Dungan from on Search Engine Optimization to get eyeballs on photographer web sites.

Aside from some myth debunking - like meta tag use being pretty useless, one of the cooler points mentioned was Adobe's recent press release of providing to Google and Yahoo! ( I presume amongst others?) of optimized Adobe® Flash® Player technology to enhance search indexing of the Flash format. Right now it can't be done without essentially building a page in parallel to the flash one to allow indexing.

And as I have found out previously, blogs work too. From the interview:
I’ve always thought of SEO as stuff you do to the code of your site, programmer stuff. Are there really things photographers can do on their own without mucking about in the code?

Definitely. One of the biggest is blogging. Good blogs naturally use layouts, page elements, links, and URLs that search engines love. Setup a blog and make sure you have links between it and your site’s home page. Then, blog at least once a week about the jobs and projects you’re working on. Search engines love content, so make sure you’re blogging about photography. People love tutorials and behind-the-scenes stuff. Regularly blogging about photography builds appropriate content and improves the chances of getting quality inbound links. Who cares if no humans read your blog. The search engine benefits alone are worth it...

There is some really good stuff mentioned as well in the top ten tips further down the post. Give it a look if you want to boost how you are Googled.


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Search Engine Website Marketing said...

SEO is not just code on your web pages. There is a lot of factors to search engine optimization such as blogging, writing and submitting articles, social networking, creating backlinks etc. There is more to seo than what people really think.

Mike Wood said...

I know it's not just links. I thought that I was making it clear. Perhaps I didnt.