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Monday, August 25, 2008

Data backup at $173 a month?

Transferring and backing up close to 75 GB of images (June July and August including Tiff file edits) to a new external drive is so time consuming.

I spent about 3 hours doing that on Saturday night. I use an external WD 500GB drive and DVDs as my backup media, and Morgan suggested that I explore an off site solution like Mozy to act as a backup which she uses quite successfully. Runs in the background and does it incrementally after the first build. Free to home users.

Well this home user would use the 2GB limit in one day let alone the lifetime of the account. So I contacted Mozy and asked what it would run monthly for a pro account. I said I had about 340GB of data which is what it roughly came to last year, and a rep emailed back saying 340 GB would be $173.95 per month if I paid monthly. Or if I signed up for two full years, it would work out to $137.33 a month ($3295.95 altogether).


What do SOHO people use aside from the external drive / DVD backups that are more economical than that? Data backup is important, but that is sadly prohibitively expensive.


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Anonymous said...

for me it costs $0 a month as i use gmail as my storage and backup to email utility to store files on it as regular emails

Anonymous said...

Try IDrive ( You can get 150GB for $4.95/mo. It does the incremental backups too, plus search is really fast. Also, unlike others I've tried, it does "True Archiving" as they call it. Meaning, once you backup everything, it stays on their datacenter servers forever until you manually delete it or SYNC it. Most online backup services out there all do auto-sync (usually every 30 days) and if you mistakenly deleted a file form your computer... well POOF, it's gone off the server too! I rather like the True Archiving feature. ;-)