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Monday, September 8, 2008

ANTM jumps the shark

So on this season of America's Next Top Model, there is a pre-op trans gendered man named Isis as a contestant. US Magazine link

I feel sorry for all the female models who didnt make the cut to even get on the first episode and he did. And also for the women who had to find out (while being video taped on TV) that they were not as good as a man wearing women's clothing. This is in no way comparable to having plus sized models -like last season's winner Whitney Thompson - in the mix like they have done recently.

I know that modeling can be tough on one's self esteem. Always comparing yourself to other women etc. To know, and to have all your friends and family find out on national television, that a TG/TV etc man beat you... that's hard to live down. I seriously hope none of the models were depressed/suicidal after that.

I am all for the ability for TG/TV etc people to get their fair opportunity at jobs, etc., but having him on a show for female models is a pure and simple ratings grab. It's even worse than the conflict they introduce each year with the models with little talent but lots of attitude. Will Cover Girl want him as a spokesmodel on television and print? I don't think so.

He won't win, and if he does, its as rigged as the scores from the East German figure skating judges.

All I can say is: bring on the nude photoshoot.

This could be the jump the shark season of ANTM.


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Cathy said...

You made a valid point about CoverGirl. I don't see them using a male yet.