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Monday, September 8, 2008

got me some Domes.

Just went to Forest City Imaging and picked up an Amber Dome and a Chrome Dome attachment for the Lightsphere II - for a huge huge discount. Pretty sure they were listed incorrectly in their database as I got them for 30 bucks all together! The guy sold them to me for $15 bucks a piece. MSRP for the two together on the Gary Fong site would be about $70 plus S/H and maybe duty. The Chrome is supposed to be $50 by itself! :)

I am fairly sure I wouldnt get the Lightsphere Universal by Friday when I want to test it at the wedding rehearsal, so I am going to make do with the kit I have now. And I am quite please with the LS II to say the least. Used it again on Sunday and was thrilled.


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