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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Windows7 to be less extra appy and more OSy

I read over on Wired's WebMonkey that Microsoft's follow on OS to Vista, so far called Windows Se7en (a geeky seven n 7 combo) will be not including so many add ons:
Microsoft is planning to remove e-mail, photo editing, movie making and other secondary software offerings from the upcoming Windows 7. Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Mail, and Windows Movie Maker were all part of Vista, but, in an effort to cut down on development time of future OS updates, Microsoft plans to give them the heave-ho.
Would be interesting to see the full list of removed or not included apps. Not making it a Windows lite, but a streamlined version, is a great idea. bloat free Windows is an interesting idea.

Almost makes me want to wait to see this... and then wait for the first service pack to come out... or just go get a Mac like I have been debating and have all of that that works now in the present...

Microsoft hopes to ship Windows 7 in January 2010... mmmhmmm

Microsoft has a blog on MSDN detailing the new OS here on E7 - short for Engineering Windows Se7en.


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