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Monday, October 6, 2008

Profiled in the October ARTscape magazine

I was having lunch with Mindy when I saw the October issue of ARTscape magazine was out and picked up a couple of copies.The interview I did with Heather Lynch back in June came out this month. It was interesting reading up on what were obviously my answers at the time in the early summer, and thinking how I might have phrased things differently - or how I might have given completely different answers - were I asked them now. It was the first time I had been interviewed so I guess I did OK.

I gave a copy to Kat as she had the image that went along with the issue. The interview might have generated some traffic for my site that was unreferred over the past few days. Not a lot, but more than usual I think. More local hits too. Though with my site being semi under maintenance it was perhaps bad timing one way or the other :|

I guess I should get a work on some of the things I had mentioned in that interview especially if I do end up moving out west...

Hopefully that's my first minute of my 15 mins of fame - and not the whole lot. :)

The issue in PDF, if you are not local, can be read here. The interview is on the last two pages of the PDF and pages 37-38 of the print issue.


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