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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some guys have all the luck...

So I have been needing a new external DVD burner for a while now as my laptop's one has given up the burning ghost. I saw that Future Shop had one on sale and before the weekend I checked out both locations in London and they were out of stock on the $59.99CDN LG 20X Super Multi External DVD Rewriter (GE20). New shipments in on Tuesday (today).

So I checked the FS website this morning before heading out and sure enough they were in stock at the London store near White Oaks. So on my way into that part of the world I checked the store and the guy behind the computer accessories desk said they were out and had been for months. I explained that I had checked the site and it had updated with new inventory and they may have them in stock. Sure enough they had one. And it was an open box. But I took it as the near cheapest one was over $80-90 bucks locally. And some a heck of a lot more. Even if this lasts me less than a year it will suit me fine. When I am home I will put it through it's paces. And it even has Lightscribe capability too.

So, when I got in the car and Sirius connected, Rod Stewart's Some Guys have all the luck was playing. Hence the title of this post. Yeah: Hence. ;)


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