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Friday, November 14, 2008

David Burnett's blog: no jeans allowed.

Long time photojournalist David Burnett has a blog called We're Just Sayin. Lots of great images and narrative/background stuff....

His Nov 11/08 post relates the story of being booted out of a what could be Bush's last Cabinet meeting where he was part of a pool of photographers. For Wearing Jeans. OK. I am all for dress codes. And I could see if it was the WH of say JFK. But a President from Texas? And when this has never been an issue in the past 8 years? Burnett, by the way, has shot photos at the WH since LBJ... Moral of the story is to heed the following from his post:
Former Washington Times/Newsweek editor Arnaud de Borchgrave – who spent decades scooting from one coup d’etat and civil war to the next, used to say that if he traveled with a pair of combat fatigues and a tuxedo, there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t be prepared for.
That, and having a pair of Khaki's with useful pockets, and a white dress shirt pressed and in the car ready for quick changes when the WH decides to be more focused on dress code than economics. I wonder if that dress code update required an Exec Order? ;)


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