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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mindy: abandoned

Mindy's Jeans, 2008

Window #2, 2008

Window, 2008

Mindy photographed in the remains of an old farm on Exeter Road here in London. Near the Fed Ex Building. The buildings were old enough that the floor joists were rough hued round logs. Where she is sitting in the window frame, the one and a half story, tar and paper clad building was likely a tobacco drying hut - though I could be wrong.

I would guess they were at lease 125-150 years old or so. Long abandoned and falling in on themselves here and there, but surprisingly in good shape and relatively free of graffiti and vandalism. Probably due to their somewhat remoteness and being beside the Fed Ex building. Crossing Exeter from the White Oaks neighbourhood and in view of traffic all the time would also make it tough to screw around in there.

Having said that, while we were there, two kids were smoking up or hiding out in the upper part of the building in the failing light. I think they were probably sneaking peaks at Mindy as we were shooting though I never caught them doing that. It was one of the main reasons - that and mosquitoes - why we didnt do any nudes.

This was also the first shoot in which I used my Gary Fong Lightsphere II. Was more of an experiment playing around with it. While it does look quite ungainly perched on the side of the camera, it is a bit more pro - in look and in function - than my MacGyvered flash diffuser on my old 420EX. It still throws a lot more side shadow when the camera is portrait oriented that I guess is advertized. I would love to try two or three of these set up remotely off the camera. Perhaps one day when I can afford a set up like that.

About two weeks after these photos were taken, the entire area had been bulldozed over to expand the parking and add a bit of landscaping to the industrial building to the East of the spot.

Needless to say, Mindy and I were really happy we didn't delay shooting there.


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Zea said...

What a shame they had to bulldozer it. Great blog btw I am amazed you don't have more comments on here!

Love these shots as you know


Mike Wood said...

Thanks Zea. I know you do. ;) And it is "Progress" or some sort of nonsense like that.

Not sure why I don't get more comments. Maybe I have not been discovered yet by anyone other than google :P and lots of shy readers.