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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Curved Element

It was insane foggy yesterday. Total white out in the south part of the city. After shooting a family portrait session in the Civ Gardens complex I went for a drive - sans model - and shot some hopefully cool stuff which I will edit soon. This shot was of my 2008 Honda Element in a cemetary. Aside from blurring the license plate, the only thing done was a blending layer and some serious jinking around with curves.

Also had another annoying experience with batteries being eaten up super fast by the flash: within 75 pics the flash cycling time was not great at all. They are Energizer Rechargeable 250mAh NiMH's. Had to be when a moving target like a 2 year old was finally still. Had to do a quick swap for a third set and luckily it lasted fine for well for the balance of the shoot and the rest of the day. I think I have one set of batteries which are either much older or more worn out and dont hold a charge too well anymore. And now I have them isolated from the others (which I didnt have time to figure out and do last time it happened). I went to Walmart and got another set last night, but it's not often I will shoot that much I guess.

Started to look for some cheap alternative to Pocket Wizards. Pocket Wizards are out of my price range, but I would really like to have a couple. If anyone uses something that works, let me know.


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