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Sunday, February 22, 2009

On bad editing and entry level cameras.

So I was browsing in the Chapters bookstore and came across the photography section - quel surprise ;) - and saw one of those Dummies Guides for the Canon XS/eos 1000. Hadn't really heard much about it, so I picked up a copy of the Dummy's guide to look at the DSLR's specs. I couldnt find any. None. So I came across the Canon EOS Rebel XS/1000D Digital Field Guide by Charlotte K. Lowrie. OK I thought, I will find the specs in here. Nope. I looked it up in the index and the intro and nothing tech specs wise. there was a nice chart showing how many images you could save at different resolutions though...

The only mention of anything technical was on the first page of Chapter 1 of the Lowrie book. It said it had a 210.1 megapixel Digic III CMOS sensor. Not too bad for an entry level camera.

I know that new camera users are treated as newbies, but no specs, no chart or anything for a DSLR? That's pretty ignorant to assume that someone going from a PnS might not mind reading about the specs and what they can do for them and how they might compare to the old camera. Not just the controls themselves.

I don't know who edited the Lowrie book ( published by Wiley), but I can tell you it is a damn certainty that he or she wasn't a photographer. Makes you want to doubt whatever else is written in the book. A factual error right on the first page of chapter 1 is so lame.

For the record, the XS has an APS-C size 10.1 megapixel CMOS sensor. Only 200 MP off the mark.


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