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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The week in review

I had a great shoot yesterday. Second real one of the year (sadly) - but with super freezing cold weather, no studio space like those who use Fanshawe's, no studio flash heads/soft boxes, and no one offering up any warm empty places to shoot indoors, it's difficult to do otherwise. And besides, shooting is tough when you work all day, are pretty exhausted from that and all you want to do is zone out after (and still have editing to do).

I am also finding that my hands are getting stiff after working. Or more precisely the next morning. Not sure what it is. Does arthritis come and go like a light switch? I don't think so. Especially since it only started when I began working in the warehouse.

The shoot yesterday was a Valentines themed one with a new model and friend of Missy's. Missy did the makeup and assisted too. Pics to follow.

I also met up last week with someone who, after seeing one of my posted images from around SW Ontario, had suggested a location to photograph when it's warmer. Turns out she lives in the city and not where I thought, so she and I spent three and a half hours on Wednesday evening sitting in Starbucks talking about everything but the pic idea she had. :) I can say it was fascinating and fun to have my portfolio reviewed for more than an hour by an art history major from UWO. Was the highlight of the week.

Well, that and finally shaving. I am no longer as someone might describe me, a hippie. :)


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