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Saturday, May 23, 2009

First and Last use of Embassy

Ambassador Sarah #11, 2009

These were the last images taken - that I am aware of, using the old Embassy Hotel here in London as a backdrop. They were shot five days before the fire that destroyed the place. Closed since February of this year, the fire precipitated an earlier than planned demolition: the block it was on is going to be turned into a multistory 150 unit condo/apartment building.

These images were shot mainly behind the Embassy and in adjacent alley areas, and on the fire escapes. They certainly showcases some of the vibrant creative graffiti and wall art that was present back there.

It was my first time shooting behind the building. And last. I was lucky that circumstances fell together that I had someone so photogenic to work with that afternoon. Another few days and none of these would have been possible.

Model is Sarah and the makeup, hair, styling was done by her. One of her images from our portrait session last fall is part of my current show at the Williams Coffee Pub at 3030 Wonderland Road South here in London. It runs till the end of the month.

Ambassador Sarah # 2, 2009

Ambassador Sarah #4, 2009

Ambassador Sarah # 3, 2009

Ambassador Sarah #5, 2009

While the wall art and graffiti demanded colour, I would be remiss if I didn't process a couple of shots in black and white.

Ambassador Sarah #6, 2009

Ambassador Sarah #9a, 2009

Ambassasor Sarah #1, 2009


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