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Friday, May 29, 2009

Leo Laporte all a twitter over Twitter

So Leo Laporte ( the tech guy) has his shorts in a knot about Twitter having a similar sounding name to his TWiT (This Week in Technology) show. Well, while this is getting a lot of buzz now -I heard about it on the technewsblog Twitter feed after Leo posted a stir the pot question on his friendfeed page, it didn't even occur to me to connect them till that.

I think both have built their brands, both have similar sounding names but are completely different - other than both being on the internet.

To take his argument further, isn't TWiT an acronym? Shouldn't TWiB (This week in Baseball) be concerned in going after Leo if he wants to go on mainstream TV - and not Leo being concerned about Twitter? Leo's is clearly a play on theirs, and TWiB (pronounced phonetically 'Twib', the acronym is often familiarly used by viewers, and came to be used by the host also) debuted in 1977.

Either way, Leo got a lot of free press for his show out of this. And by 'press' I don't mean dead trees, I mean the stuff that matters.


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