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Friday, May 29, 2009

Shut off a site stealing Flickr pics

I noticed in my Flickr stats on Thursday night that one of my images had been linked to or posted on a page in Germany. So I checked and found quite a few there. And then dug further, and this particular German corset fetish site had a gallery of over 60,000 images and all from Flickr.

I contacted the site owner via email, and told him to remove the images. I received no response back. I then I posted information on this situation in the Flickr Help Forum as I assumed the site was misusing the Flickr API to pull keyword content from users regardless of whether they were CC or ARR images. Well as of a few hours ago - while I was on my walk, the site's gallery now reads "Die Flickr-Bilddatenbank ist momentan nicht verf├╝gbar!" or roughly via Google "The Flickr image is not currently available!"

62,472 images down to zero in twenty hours. Someone is going to be pissed. But since they were not his pics in the first place, he doesn't have too much cause to be justifiably pissed. He just got caught.

Big thanks to Heather and the other Flickr staff for taking care of this so promptly.


Mike Wood Photography


Rick Pawlenty said...

Way to go, Mike. What the hell is wrong with people!! Thieving bastards!!

Carmi said...

I'm deeply impressed, Mike, but not at all surprised. You've always been one of the good guys.

Mike Wood said...

Thanks guys. It only happens once in a while to me, but it ticks me off and someone needs to step up and get it sorted out. :)