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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Two BBCnews photography related videos

Leanne © David Rann

BBCnews has a couple of completely different photography related videos up on their site.

First one is about a Ginger hair photography exhibit that took place last fall in Wolverhampton in the UK by photographer David Rann called melanocortin-1 (but more popularly and incorrectly called Gingerfest). Being a (former) ginger, and having an affinity for photographing them myself, I thought it was about time. :) David's page on the show is here.

The second one is a photography exhibit called Sight Unseen at the California Museum of Photography which showcases the work of twelve blind photographers from around the world.

Both clips are about two minutes, and its a shame the one featuring the visually impaired shooters one isn't longer with more examples, but you might have more luck at the exhibit page at CMP. I couldnt determine who shot the above image as the gallery was lagging huge when I was viewing it

The BBC News site doesn't do embedding so you will have to follow links.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone. :)


Mike Wood Photography

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