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Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin selected as VP!! Awesome!

Michael Palin expresses surprise on hearing nomination. (via IMDB)

Monty Python's Michael Palin was nominated to be John McCain's VP selection this morning. This could be an interesting election now. Can a Secretary of the Department of Funny Walks be on the schedule for John Cleese now?

No wait. It's a transparent attempt to lure Hillary Dems over to the GOP with a inexperienced soccer mom - who has not even served one term as governor of Alaska. I am sure the women who would have voted for an experienced senator won't fall for that. Well some might I suppose. It is either a disastrous or brilliant move on McCain's part. I want to see the VP debates between Biden and Palin in early October...

Either way, in November there will either be the first female VP or the first black President of the US. Historical stuff. And if McCain does get in, he is not in the best of health, quite old and perhaps could be succeeded by Palin. To bad its not the other Palin.


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Anonymous said...

Not So Awesome...

Anonymous said...

If McCain was trying to get Hillary's women I don't think that is going to happen. It's the policies, McCain. So he was probably trying to get the evangelicals. But the bible says a woman should not lead men so the evangelicals need to read it more often. God forbid something should happen McCain. I would fear for my life having her as a person who has to talk to Putin and the like. But there are people out there who would rather die than have a black man lead them. In fact, I believe there are people out there who will leave the country if Obama wins the presidency. To them I say, "Good riddance to bad rubbish!"