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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day 2009

I know I have done the past couple of years photos of beautiful girls some how Canadianified, but this time I decided to do something different.

When I met her back in the winter, Mallory mentioned that on Canada Day, the cemetery where she worked in St Thomas, Ontario placed Canadian flags with the markers, graves and headstones of all the known veterans interred there - in both the military section and also in the general plots in the old section. I thought at the time, that it would be a good thing to photograph. Veterans should be remembered more than once a year in my opinion.

I had intended to shoot a model as well - elsewhere and not with the headstones, but given circumstances this week, I decided that the cemetery shoot would be a better thing too do.

Happy Canada Day. Lest we forget.


Mike Wood Photography

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