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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Corey. Farewell to the Wall

Corey. Farewell to the Wall #1

So I found this location ideal for shooting some outdoor nudes: remains of a barn, a small silo, an out building shed with a tin roof and all overgrown. The farm house long gone. The fields left fallow. Fairly close to what is becoming less and less of a rural road. I was able to shoot nudes here only once with Corey -or anyone.

We arrived close to sunset with my assistant Nadine, and had maybe 20 minutes of usable light left. The last part of the golden hour. We waded in through brush, vines, and weeds and into the remains of an abandoned barn open to the sky. All that was left and clean of overgrowth was the top of the foundation. Scalloped where windows had once been like the top of a castle. Given the angle of the sun at that hour, only a small segment of the wall was usable and not in shadow from the silo, and was also not in direct view from the road 100m away.

Corey. Farewell to the Wall #2

With some assistance from Nadine and I, Corey climbed up on to the foundation wall and positioned herself. Not an easy thing to do at any time given the spot, but when you are trying to not have her skin marked and scratched... :)

I climbed up into the next window well and photographed her in the setting sun. The over grown foliage behind her providing a nice contrasting and somewhat tropical backdrop.

I couldn't move left or right much without being off balance as I was on a two foot wide perch with a 3-4 foot drop on either side into overgrown stuff, but I wanted a different angle in the rapidly changing light. I went back down to the ground, and maneuvered closer to her amongst small trees to get the following image - which just might be one of my faves of Corey.

Corey. Farewell to the Wall #3

A few days ago, I drove by and found it had been torn down and flattened. Yellow excavators and a dumpster bin surrounded the location. Raised to the ground by earth movers in preparation for some more urban sprawl. All the trees gone too. Erased from the Earth.

Like with the Embassy Hotel with Sarah, and the foggy barns, that old house where I shot Mindy last year, I do have this knack for shooting places soon before they are wrecked.

Progress... Pfft.

I wish my timing was better with photographing people in these spots and I had the motivation and drive to shoot more right now. While I know there will be more locations, and subjects to put in them, these places are slipping through my fingers. I may not get to shoot that place I wrote about last week either at this point.


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