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Monday, August 3, 2009

Flickr friend weeding

I have seen several people do spring cleaning of their Facebook or Twitter profile contact lists recently. So I thought I would do the same with Flickr. I currently have 2413 contacts on Flickr. I have blocked an additional 909. And I get something like 30 additional contact requests a week.

Going through the contacts stats just now, there are literally dozens or more that have not uploaded since, as Flickr cutely puts it 'ages ago.' Then others who have a huge volume of work and post more on a daily basis. Not into numbers, so trimming the fat seems to be in order.

My criteria is, if your page seems abandoned, say no uploads in a year or more, yer gone. If there are no longer any photos on yer page, yer gone.

I guess you won't really know if yer cut since I don't have any 'friends only' pics. But I just felt it was time.


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1 comment:

Nuwomb said...

you need to do that every so often. Man that is a lot of requests! and contacts. I feel kinda geekish now with my very few contacts