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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Randomness found cool photo shoot location- again!

I went out for breakfast with Ryn yesterday and through a series of random unrelated events over nine hours designed to alleviate boredom, we chatted with a gallery owner, designed business cards, talked Photoshop, walked through Mos Eisley (dundas/richmond), The Market, and Chapters, and also found another cool outdoor location to photograph in. Curiously it was found in almost the same way the pool was found: we went right instead of left down a path and voila. Ryn gets the real credit for finding it. :)

This spot is much more temporary and has been probably been set up and rearranged by local kids at one point during the summer I assume. Lots of very cool objects, debris -wooden pallets, pipes, concrete, etc., and the layout is very cool in an abandoned open air way. Affords privacy as well and is off the beaten path.

Perfect for another outdoor nude shoot in the theme of the pool one. Just need to find someone for this before it gets all taken apart and rearranged or something. It has a great set up right now but it is very impermanent.

I have some specific ideas and such on the shoot, so if there is anyone interested in doing this give me a shout through the usual methods. You don't need to have worked with me before, but need to be comfortable being nude in front of the camera. Since I am not doing many at all, this will likely be one of my last shoots of the month, so I want to make it a good one. Ideally next weekend.


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