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Sunday, February 7, 2010

 Low Lift Pumping Station, 2010

The circular 'low lift pumping station' building at the intake of the Elgin Area Water Treatment Plant. 90m below the slowly eroding clay cliff tops, on the north shore of Lake Erie, Ontario.  It pulls drinking water in from deep under Lake Erie through a 1.5m wide and 1500m long pipe. That's 3-4m of lake ice build up amongst the rocks and boulders of the retaining wall.

The area is full of  "Do Not Trespass" signs, security CCTV cameras, and I wouldn't have descended to the water from high above on the cliffs if it were not for my intrepid pink shoed co explorer - and for a better vantage point... :)

For the record, I never crossed the invisible line to the other side of the trespass signs when descending to the water. And that's one helluva climb back up when heavily breathing in cold winter air. Made me think of hiking out of the Grand Canyon. Thankfully it was not a six hour climb. :)


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