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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Anyone interested in modeling for outdoor nudes?

Just a quick note.

I went on a location scouting trip last weekend with my friend Mallory.  After a couple of  dead ends - literally dead end country roads, we found a great location not too far from London that will allow for some really cool nudes. Natural forest. Fallen trees. A good amount of natural light without all the canopy leaves grown in yet. Good sight lines and angles available to shoot close up and from a distance.

The spot affords lots of privacy - for the time being. Not really any foot traffic or vehicles. Easy walk to the location. I will have one of my female friends likely act as an assistant/lookout, but Mallory and I saw no one in our walk about the area. You might see some deer, bunnies, and certainly some squirrels, but likely no people. I am thinking some classic black and white nudes amongst the trees.

And as a selling point for someone thinking about it but teetering on the edge because its a touch not summery: there are no mosquitoes. This spot, from what I recall when I was there last a few years ago, is a mosquito haven when its hotter. I certainly won't  be using it then. :)

If you are interested or want to know more, send me a private message.  If you have done nudes before all the better, but if you have been interested in the idea, are comfortable with your body and don't think you would be camera shy, let me know.  Depending on how long we shoot, I will provide up to ten high res images edited and suitable for printing and some more G rated crops suitable for posting on Facebook, etc.


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