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Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 144th, Canada

Crowsnest Mountain, June 1st, 2007
This was one of the first mountains I ever saw up close in person. I photographed the 2,785m Crowsnest Mountain from Hwy 3 up in the Crowsnest Pass about 5km West of Coleman, Alberta (near the BC-Alberta border).

Canada is an amazing place. All these tall mountains and glaciers. Vast prairies with disappearing grain elevators and endless vistas of golden wheat. The largest fresh water lakes in the world. And some generally friendly people - non more so than those 1/2 hour ahead of everyone in Newfoundland.

When I drove across the country four years ago, it was an awesome experience for me. An experience of a lifetime perhaps. I suggest anyone who has not explored outside of their neighbourhood to go look and see what is out there - no matter where you live. And if you are from Canada, well, you have lots to choose from.

Happy Canada Day. :)

This and most images from the past 2-3 years on my blog are available as prints.


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