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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At the meter

At the meter, 2008
When I first drove into Belleville I went down Highway 62 which eventually turns into Pinnacle Street. This was perhaps one of the first few images I shot there back in the end of April/early May. I got out because of the composition of the decrepit Ford van parked on the centre line of the old building above it - which is or was St Michael's Catholic Elementary School, but now is a mixed use facility and has some court room spaces in it as well (thanks to Naomi for that bit of info.)

I was surprised it was nearly impossible to find out anything on this building online. I am fairly adept at Googling out stuff, but I couldnt get info the way one would expect.

Ah well its all good. I dont think this is going to be popular as the thumbnail doesn't draw you in, but the image itself is quite nice - at least I think so.


Mike Wood Photography

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