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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What are those Duke boys up to now?

What are those Duke boys up to now? 2008

Still in Belleville and directly across the street from St Michael's Catholic school, sits an early 1960s Mercedes Benz 319 delivery van on top of Moira Glass at 314 Pinnacle Street. Logo on the right quarter panel and side says "Moira Glass and Mirror" "35th anniversary."

I had no idea what sort of van it was when I took the picture. That in of itself was reason enough to shoot it - even if it wasn't on a rooftop. Figuring out what it was, curiously like the school, required a bit of a challenge to pin it down.

Google was a good start. And the Mercedes Benz badge helped of course, but I really couldn't find one image on Google that was just right. Lots of near misses. Or trucks that were close but no info on what model etc. And hardly any vintage MB vans at all. I turned to Flickr next and eventually I came through with the "319" model designation. But even on Flickr there were only five or six vans of this vintage tagged. I just added one more. Were they really rare? I imagine they were in North America, but in Europe?

Pays to look up now and then.


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Anonymous said...

There are a few places in belleville that have a car on their roof, a body shop i believe also. i know of 2 for sure, ones a van and one's a car