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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No voice

Being sick sucks. Had a meeting early morning yesterday and I went into it with very little sleep, talked for an hour and then later in the afternoon I found my voice was going. People not recognizing me on the phone when I called them etc... Then went to a movie and found by the end I had nearly nothing and the throat getting somewhat vicegripped. Went from me to Barry White to a mime (minus the standard French cliche apparel) in less than 12 hours. This morning I have nothing. Not even squeeky.

Any idea how it is to go pick up a print order and hand a slip over to the clerk "this is a holdup style" and not talk. Seemed rude. But I think she got it after I tried to say thanks and pointed at my throat.

And I had to cancel one appointment tomorrow and cant commit to shooting anyone for the next couple days as I can't readily give directions. I have a shoot Sunday that I need to do as its a re-booked day so I have to be better by then. Thank goodness this was not the weekend of the wedding I am shooting. That's still a couple weeks off.

Did I mention I hate being sick?


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Chris said...

Hot whisky my friend with lots of lemon,cloves and honey.