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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rainy Kat

I spent a few hours showing Kat the ropes of Photoshop on her computer the other day. We worked on one image of hers that I shot on a rainy afternoon when neither of us had anything else to do. I applied various effects to illustrate how they worked and interacted, and probably ended up with about nine or ten layers when all told to illustrate how powerful the app is. I think the file before being flattened was an over 100MB Tiff. I liked it enough to have her send it to me and thought I would post it.)

Class dismissed.


Mike Wood Photography

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Mojo said...

Wow... that is some absofreakinlutely amazing work. I love the way the white "glows" (I can guess how you did it, but I can't be sure). What version of Photoshop are you using anyway? Mine is practically prehistoric (and no, you don't wanna know) and I've contemplated biting the bullet for the CS version, but it's kinda spendy.

Of course, no matter how good my software is, I still wouldn't have a model as beautiful as Kat.

I love this piece. Really love it.