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Saturday, September 20, 2008

For you or for them?

Jessica Nurse . #01, 2007

Exposure Compensation has a post talking about a book "How to think like a great Graphic Designer" by Debbie Millman. And talking about the similarities between GAs and photographers. The question Miguel posed to his readers in the post was whether we as photographers like to be understood and appreciated by by a large audience or like to express our own voices as artists.

Funny how I came across that post as I have come to realize in the past year that it seems to be the latter for me. I wanted to be commercial, but I honestly didnt like the cookie cutter aspect of some shoots. Working with models and being inspired by a vision for a shoot and selling/displaying prints is more satisfying than making something for the masses. Though, I can say, it doesnt appear to pay anywhere near as well as I would like. :)


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