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Monday, September 22, 2008

Miss Lizzz: Abandoned

Miss Lizzz shot outside an abandoned farm house in August of this year. On what was the front porch, sitting on a junked air conditioner that had tumbled out of a window, by a sliding door which she felt needed to licked...

The dilapidated buildings - there are three or four of them, now have a "Potential Land Use Change" city sign in front of them at the road. Which actually means that something is going to happen and its just a last ditch 'if no one complains' sort of potential thing. Not so potential.

I am glad I got to shoot there before they were toast. Progress. Pfft.

Abandoned Lizzz #1, 2008

Hugging with abandon, 2008

Abandoned Lizzz #2

Abandoned Thinker, 2008

Lean. Look, 2008

Finger #1, 2008

Finger #2, 2008

Tongue, 2008


Mike Wood Photography

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