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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Google Wave

Last night I finally watched the whole video of the developer conference preview of the new Google Wave. Really, really, interesting. Was only demo'd first time on Thursday at the Google I/O.

This is a 1 hour 20 min video by the way, so grab a coffee and a comfy chair. But if you are a geek its worth a look see.

If you are a Project Manager or work on collaborative teams for anything, this will change your world when its released for use generally. Live collaboration on documents. Concurrent editing of the same live document. Built in time lines that your can scroll through. Embedding of content live. Posting live to a blog... Responding on a blog and it appears on the document on everyone's screens live... The list goes on. Even an improved spell check and Google translator bot that works live translating IMs.

Very, very cool stuff here. A huge security can of worms perhaps and hopefully there will be admin level rules and safeguards built into it, but I can't see anyone on a project not wanting to give it a go. Will ultimately work with spreadsheets, databases, Powerpoint like slide shows, pretty much anything. And its smart phone enabled ( they demo'd it on an Android and an iPhone). Not sure if the individual home user would want to use all of this, but it is a powerful beast they created.

Oh, and Wave is open source and all browser based. They were going back and forth between Safari and FireFox in the demo. Curiously not Chrome however. ;)

Wave was designed a team lead by and his brother who came up with GoogleMaps. Lars blogged the Wave on Thursday here on the Google Blog.

Everyone at the conference got an account to play with Wave. Wide release is scheduled for later in the year. :)

Oh, and Microsoft released something too this week. I think it was called Blip or Bleem! or was it Burp.... Uh no... it was Bing... Interesting idea, but something named after that annoying default Windows noise when you hold a key down too long probably won't be a Google killer in the verb department. But I can hear someone saying "Google it on Bing and see what results you get..."

** Those seeing this post on Facebook will have to go to the blog to see the video as they don't reliably import.


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Anonymous said...

hey dude, they were using chrome

Mike Wood said...

I stand corrected. I didn't hear them mention Chrome, but it was a long video. :)