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Monday, April 12, 2010

Jennifer a natural in the outdoors

 Plastic fantastic #1

While my very good friend Jennifer has modeled for me - and for others - before, to this point she has never done nudes for anyone. We talked about that one day, and she said - with little encouragement needed from me, that she wanted to give it a go. Not wanting to wait, when there was a warm blip of weather at the end of March, we headed out to a wooded location with a river near her place and did some shooting.

Plastic fantastic #3

Plastic fantastic #2

I had this idea for some of the shots where she was wearing a sheer rain poncho and boots if it was overcast. So therefore it was sunny - of course. :) Surprisingly, it did keep her initially a touch warmer,  but it did present some challenges with reflections and random blown out elements... :)

Red's river #1

The results were beautiful. She is a stunning woman with great eye contact. Did you know she has had two children? No? Well you certainly can't tell from these shots.

Red's river #2 

  Red's river #3 - detail

The above close up bare shoulders square crop is for Facebook portrait purposes. Facebook doesnt like nudes. Shame. They don't know what they are missing.

Red's river #3

Looking forward to more outdoor nudes this summer. Details to follow.


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Greg Yarker said...

Great shots as always, Mike!
I love Plastic Fantastic #2!
Awesome colours and the background elements are very cool!!!