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Monday, November 22, 2010

I created a Tumblr

I know I am behind the curve, but late last night - actually well into this morning, I created a Tumblr account: I am going to continue to use this blog, but will use the Tumblr page to upload my photography only - not all the other stuff :). I set it up to see if I can reach a slightly different audience than I do now. It's micro blogging, but not as micro as my Twitter account. Skinny blogging? :)

Setting up the page was very easy once I knew my way around the interface. I tried out several different themes, and settled on one that would allow me to replace background images, tweak fonts and so on.

A couple hours in, I had created an account, modified the background I use from my Twitter (it slid right in there nicely), had made a couple of posts, linked my Twitter, and lastly, installed Google Analytics . Might as well know if anyone is stopping by my Tumblr. I have had Sitemeter on here since I created the blog, and I am used to the interface and what it gives me for pageviews etc, but I am excited to see what G.A. can display. It looks rather tasty. And much deeper content. Just need some views to see what's what data wise.

Tumblr seems to be the current way of rapidly sharing content (re-blogging at the click of one button is fantastic), and quickly getting different eyeballs on my work. In the past couple months, I have gathered photographic inspiration from it, and some of my fav photographers and bloggers have Tumblr pages.

There will probably be some cross over in terms of content I post there that has already been on here, but I hope you can deal with that if you are checking out both. :)

If you have a tumblr, follow me.


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