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Monday, November 15, 2010

In Mud

Shot back in August of 2009.

Amy accompanied me on a walk-about exploration of an area that I knew on occasion to be quite muddy. After some recent rain it had certainly met my expectations. I located a particularly large mud puddle which was about a foot deep and 20 x 8 feet in area. I figured her getting in it and getting very muddy would be a good plan for photos, and she indulged me. :)

It is certainly important beforehand to have a means to clean off, towels, bag for muddy undies and shirt, and a means of protecting car seats. Doing this on an impulse would be a bad idea. :) And this was one of those times where I didn't think it necessary to follow a model's lead and get in the water  - like I have done with others on shoots. I was fine where I was. And so was my camera.  :)

I had posted a couple of from this mud series in black and white before, but then for some reason stopped. Instead of heading out and enjoying nice weather last Friday, I spent some time going through older images images to post to my for sale and came across these. I did some post work on them and voila.


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