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Sunday, August 31, 2008

End of Summer

Thoughtful Corey, 2006

Well it's August 31st and the summer is done. While not technically, it is Canada and the weather in September can be somewhat unpredictable. It can go from pleasant to really unpleasant in a short period of time. Or it could be nice till November as it was back in 2005 when I was still shooting Mandy outside then.

Got a few things on the go for the fall which I will elaborate on later when they are finalized, and have some more shoots planned with Mindy, Violet (at least 3 diff ideas), Pixxxie, and Corey for a couple of sessions too.

My pink haired friend Corey made some great contacts at the convention she was at in Toronto last weekend and looks like she is going places in modeling and acting and who knows what else. She has come a long way since I first photographed her in November of '06 (above). She is also looking for someone to do a web site for her (bio, gallery, and blog) but she doesnt have the up front money to pay a designer. If there are any good hearted web designers out there wanting to help out a great girl, get in touch with me and I will forward your info to her.


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