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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is it spring yet?

Missy, August 2008.

The idea that the lake freezes over and make poor backdrops for shots of women in bikinis bothers me. Is it spring yet?



Carmi said...

Spring can't get here soon enough. We'll have to get through the just-issued cold weather alert first, though.

Y'know, now that you mention it, I've never been to the beach during winter. I'd love to see the frozen water. I know it's nowhere near the same experience as being there on a hot summer's day, but to me that's kinda the point. Who ever said beaches were exclusively for the heat-seeking sunbather set, anyway?

Hmm...I sense a road trip coming on.

Mike Wood said...

you should. it is an interesting experience. Go to Grand Bend. The Lake Huron wins will push the ice right up on the beach and make up huge piles sometimes. It varies year to year but can be cool. Just dress warm. :)